The Syntheism marathon continues…

This site is a continuation of my writing activities at Syntheism is an ideology that is about participatory culture and co-creative economics. According to the memeplex map AQAL, Syntheism is the highest stage in tier one, and because the ideology is trans rational it also transcends into tier two. And as such built on the meta-fictives planet and network, what we could say is a logic of what is fundamental for life and what is significant for intelligence.

At this site we are going to write about Digital Schamanic Practice, with the emphasis on how we are going to participate in the emerging co-creative economy. The emphasis will therefore be on practicing a mature expression of the trans rational ideology Syntheism. You can think of this as affirmative nihilism (versus naive, cynical or ironic nihilism)! It’s through practice and practice only that you know state, realms, body and systems. And even if these practices might occur at different places it is happening at the duration which is the same for all who participate in the practice.

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